Tuesday, October 26, 2010


New Orleans has to be one of most favorite cities.  How lucky am I to have an office there and get to go on business?  Damn lucky.  My boss Ed loves it there as well and chose this location to have our department's annual meeting!

We flew in Monday night, 10/18, and after checking in to the hotel, we hit  Bourbon St. for some live music and a beer. 

The first day of our conference we had some guest speakers lined up, which continued into the first half of the next day.  Interesting as well as informative on all counts!

That night, after a great dinner at ACME OYSTER, we went on a ghost tour.  Highly recommended!  www.hauntedhistorytours.com

The second day of the conference ended with a "Team Building" exercise which was a scavenger hunt in the famous French Quarter.  The staff was divided into two teams, whichever photographed the most items on the list (100 items!) won a comp day off.  My team was victorious with just under 70 items!

It all ended with a fantastic dinner at Brennen's Red Fish Grill.

Can't wait for the next reason to hit The Big Easy!

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