Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well, my first business trip via Amtrak's very cool ACELA!   

Working in Maryland was a good experience, especially since it is right on the outskirts of Washington DC.  Unfortunately since I was there for work,  there was no time during the day to do any sightseeing and an unusually mild rainy night made doing an evening tour of our nation’s capital something that wasn’t even a thought.

After my afternoon presentation and a short meeting, my boss and I decided to head into Georgetown for dinner. 

Georgetown is an awesome college town with plenty of shops, clubs and restaurants.  

Gothic architecture is abundant and adds to the charm of this old place!

We went to Clyde’s for dinner.  A bustling, casual eatery with a great filet mignon special!

While there, I asked one of the waiters about the location of the famous “Hitchcock Steps” as well as the house from the classic horror film THE EXORCIST.  

I was happy to find out that it was only a few blocks away!  After dinner, we headed off to check it out. 

It couldn’t have been a more perfectly spooky night for it.  It had rained most of the day and an eerie yet mild wind was blowing.  

Here are a few shots. 

The steps are located on M Street, adjacent to an Exxon gas station.  In walking up the steep 75 stairs, it will bring you almost directly to 3600 Prospect St.  This is the location of the MacNeil residence in the film.  It looks different than it did in 1973 as an extension was added for the film.  In addition, the house is nearly 40 feet from the stairway. 

Ah, the magic of the movies!

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kpimm1918 said...

I love the set from Bethesda, It's very eerie