Monday, November 15, 2010


This weekend, despite a lot of errands, etc… because of the spring like weather in the northeast, I managed to get in some photo time.

Saturday, I went to the heart of Paterson to The Great Falls.  Paterson used to be a beautiful city, but has fallen into much decay over the decades.  The Great Falls provides a beautiful diversion and should not be missed!  I have lived most of my life within a half hour of this amazing place and until Saturday was never there.

After breakfast at a local diner on Sunday, camera in hand as usual, took a ride up local winding Snake Den Road and ran across signs for the Weiss Ecology Center. 

Along the route, passed the infamous “purple house” which must be seen to be believed.  It looks a bit like a small airplane hangar.  Out in front, a sign reads, “Please go slowly-Little Kitty & OLD WITCH CROSSING!”  The Driveway even houses a purple (of course!) Volvo!

Down the road a bit, The Weis Ecology Center.  This is one strange place!

Most of you all know how much I love abandoned places and in the off season, a bunch of ramshackled cabins were right up my alley!  I seriously hate to see who actually rents these out, but my guess is that most were extras from the cast of DELIVERANCE!

Here are the Cabin Rules/Rates:

The availability of furniture is not guaranteed by Weis.

The cabins are not heated. They also do not contain kitchen or bathroom facilities. It is suggested that camp stoves (such as Coleman) and ice chests be used for cooking and cold storage. Ringwood and West Milford provide sufficient grocery stores, and restaurants in the area are adequate. Bathroom and shower facilities are located in the basement of the Reception Center.

The cabins may not be sublet under any circumstances.

Only one person should be responsible for paying the rent each month so that one check is submitted for payment (for bookkeeping purposes).

Cabin Fee Schedule:

Monthly Rates: April 1 through October 31 
  • $225 per month for a one room cabin. Note: Two month minimum rental.
  • $260 per month for a two room cabin. Note: Five month minimum rental.
  • $300 per month for large 2-room cabin.  Note:  Five month minimum rental.
  • $340 per month for a three-room cabin.  Note:  Five month minmum rental.

  • $50.00 per room for a 1/2 day, from 9:00am to 12:30pm or 12:30pm to 4:00pm
  • $100.00 per room for a full day, from 9:00am to 4:00pm
NOTE:  excludes use of Weis' kitchen and stove.  Groups are required to provide their own plates, napkins, silverware, garbage bags, and any other items needed by the group. 

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