Monday, November 1, 2010


Today I just got some monochrome film developed from my “new” old OLYMPUS PEN EES-2 camera.  I found it in Las Vegas at a great store called LOST VEGAS ANTIQUES.  It is right down the street from the GOLD & SILVER Pawn Shop made famous by the TV show PAWN STARS.  If you are in Vegas, check out the famous shop, but then spend some $$$ at Lost Vegas.  What a great find, as was the cool Olympus Pen from 1968 (a great buy at $27!). 

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, if anything but maybe a roll of black film, and  I didn’t really know what a HALF FORMAT camera was until I had the roll developed, The bottom line is that 2 images that are on 1 frame separated by a black line.  Very COOL!

I was happy with my results, but I need to experiment a whole lot more.
Check out this very cool almost panoramic series of shots that I found on the web. 

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