Friday, September 17, 2010


This is a project I started a while ago and seriously have to get back into soon...

John, My Stranger #1/100, 8.30.08

100 Strangers

Step out of your comfort zone to a new level of portrait photography: take 100 portraits of people you don't know.

The idea

The One Hundred Strangers project is a learning group for people who want to improve the social and technical skills needed for taking portraits of strangers and telling their stories. The method is learning by doing.
The project is lots of fun and improves photojournalistic skills. During the process you might expand your every day living experience - and who knows, maybe you will even get a couple of new friends during the process.
We welcome both beginner and advanced photographers. You may be new to photographing strangers or already have experience of this type of photography.

The challenge

Take 100 photographs of at least 100 people you don't know. Approach a person or group of people and ask for permission to both take a photo of them and to post it to the flickr 100 Strangers group. Get to know your subjects. Who are they? What is their life like?
Try to tell a small story with each photo you take. This may be a story about the person or how you felt approaching that particular individual. You may have, for example, tried a new approach or used a new photographic technique. Try to learn something from every encounter you make.


Steffe said...

So who is John?

JUST SHOOT IT! Photography said...

This is John, an awesome server at the Barnsider in Sugarloaf, NY. He is my first STRANGER.
If you have never been to Sugarloaf, NY, you should go. I live in Northwest NJ and it's only a half hour or so from my house (near Wayne). it is a wonderful artisian town boasting all sorts of great crafts, candles, leather goods and even handmade soap. If you go to The Barnsider, enjoy a great burger or my fave, the fish and chips. Oh yea, and if you see him, don't forget to say HI to John...