Sunday, September 19, 2010

Turtle Back Zoo, West Orange NJ, 9.19.10

A lot of fun... and so close to home!
Turtle Back Zoo opened June 3, 1963 with a collection of 140 animals of 40 species.  The zoo took its name from a rock formation located on the mountainside just east of the zoo. The Lanape Indians called this formation Turtle Back Rock.  The pattern on the rocks created by large balsatic crystals makes it appear that you are standing on the back of an enormous tortoise.  

In September 2006 Turtle Back Zoo was granted accreditation by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. This distinct honor places Turtle Back Zoo amongst the elite zoos and aquaria of the United States and means that the zoo adheres to the highest standards for zoos in the country.

Turtle Back Zoo
560 Northfield Avenue
West Orange, New Jersey, 07052
Main Phone Number: 973-731-5800

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