Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The newly re-opened Wes' is the sort of the same as the old Wes' but maybe better than ever.  Those who reside in North Jersey may know of this place located on Hamburg Turnpike in Riverdale, somewhat diagonally across the street from the old SLATER'S MILL. 

I have been going on and off to Wes' for years.  I will affectionately call it a "Roadhouse Bar" but don't underestimate it.  Take it from someone that has had cocktails everywhere from the Joisey Shore Boardwalk to The Oak Room at The Plaza Hotel.

I believe I was introduced to Wes' about 20 years ago by my friend Lou.  (Thank you Lou!) Then, upon first entering, the place was dark, dingy, and full of smoke.  The smell of french fries permeated the air.  Beer was cheap and don't even think about ordering a designer martini.  Then resident barmaid Nancy would just look at you with her mouth open and then say, "Forget it"!

I know Dick, whos family used to own the place and when he left the business a few years ago, I feared Wes's may close. 

It did eventually close, but now reopened, I suspect under new ownership.  The place has gotten somewhat of a facelift on the inside, and it is noticably brighter with the outside looking the same as always... which was nice.  (I'm sorry I did not snap a picture of it, but will soon...)

I know Nancy had moved away a few years back, but I was hoping to see Janey.  Instead, Stephanie. This gal can do it all, and she does it well! Stephanie as well as Mike, getting ready to start his shift,  were very friendly as was the crowd... which is mostly locals and just like me, looking for a place that's familiar in more ways than one.

Now for the food. Well, this place serves up some of the best bar food you'll ever taste!  No surprise that Stephanie cooks too(and I suspect Mike...) The menu is more extensive than you may think, though mostly made up of appetizers, burgers and sandwiches.  Let's face it, what more could you want?

Our order consisted of: 
fried mushrooms with a horseradish dipping sauce
cheeseburger deluxe, with french fries, lettuce and tomato
hamburger w/chips and
3 Frosted mugs of Coor's. 

Total bill: 20!  (I left a $6 tip on top of that.)

Everything was excellent and NOTHING gave me heartburn. 

Oh yes, no matter WHAT you order, ask for a side of their homemade hot sauce. This stuff should be bottled.  No words can decribe how good it actually is!

Stop in and check the new Wes's out.  If you've never been, go... and if you haven't been in a while, GO BACK!

Other ammenities include: 
Pool table
package goods
karaoke (certain nights)and
a fantastic, but expensive, Rock-Ola Juke Box.

57 Paterson Hamburg Tpke
Riverdale, NJ 07457
(973) 839-4070


Anonymous said...

I loved your review! It's so nice to hear people feel as home as we do.
I would like to give you some background on Wes' Tavern.
My Grandfather opened the bar in 1967 and my Grandmother still owns it to this day. My Mother re-opened the bar and is the current manager. I am the assistant manager.
My immediate family and family friends did all of the work to the inside. We wanted to give it a fresh look without losing the feel. The outside of course is to come...
In regards to our staff, we have an entire new one with the exception of Rob. They are a terrific crew that we love and so do our customers.
The manager and my Mom, Janet, has been the cook there for over 30 years and is well known for all of her homemade food...especially her soups and hamburgers.
I would love to add this link to our page, but I would need your permission of course.
If you have any further questions, please let me know!
Thank you again,

JUST SHOOT IT! Photography said...


BY ALL MEANS, you have permission.

Thanks for your wonderful comment!